Apprentice Information

What are the criteria

Enrollment in the R2E is not automatic. Vietnamese enterprises wishing to enroll must meet the key registration criteria below:

  • Be a small and medium-sized enterprise, which has an annual average of [*] employers or fewer and meeting either of the following two criteria:
  • total capital shall not exceed VND100 billion (around USD4.4 million);
  • total revenue of the preceding year shall not exceed VND 300 billion (around USD13.2 million).
  • Be primarily involved in one of these 3 sectors Agro, Horticulture, and Manufacturing;
  • Must already have or will soon have an export-possible product and an established business model;
  • Be committed to proactively participate in the program and to become a comparative trading partner of the Netherland enterprises.

Please note the criteria to qualify will vary — it’s not all about your size of business or how long your business has existed. Rather, we look for SMEs are thriving to consolidate their export knowledge, accordingly achieving the purposes pursued by the program.

Vietnamese SMEs, register today!

The program is free of charge for the SMEs. Register now and take your business to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)